The Mix and Match Bride

New York Bride & Groom in Charlotte carries a wide array of elegant two-piece options for those brides who prefer to wear a separate bodice and skirt (or pants) for their big day. Consider the wide variety of styles available when mixing and matching is on your radar.

How to Wear A Bodice

A bodice was designed to be worn as a separate item of clothing but with a matching skirt or tutu and nowadays you can pair it up with various styles of skirts or even trousers if you prefer. The bodice can include sleeves and there are many different neck lines available.

The bodice differs slightly from the corset in that a corset is designed to be worn underneath items of clothing (like underwear) whereas the bodice can be worn above a corset or even on its own. Read more at Wedding Chaos

Time and Again

Budget savvy and sentimental brides will both appreciate how easy and simple it is to wear their bodice and skirt portions again in the future. Donning part or all of your wedding attire as part of your future anniversary celebrations will keep you enjoying your choices for years to come. Future generations may be able to utilize part of all of your ensemble easier with it being in two pieces as well.

From trendy crop tops to chiffon skirts made for twirling, bridal separates provide a cool twist on the traditional wedding dress. Not only do separates give you the option to mix and match to your heart’s content — think: pairing the perfect bodice with the right skirt to create a more one-of-a-kind look — they’re definitely more likely to become wear-again staples in your wardrobe long after your big day. More details at Brit+Co

Gorgeous Options from Allure Bridals

The following bodices depicted in this post are compliments of Allure Bridals. Notice how different each shape and style is. Ilusion sleeves and fine detailing make each piece stand on its own. This is an ideal option for those brides who are repeatedly torn between marrying the design of the upper portion of their gown with the skirt below. Try on the bodices you are drawn to with different skirt or pants options until you create the silhouette you desire. See more at Allure Bridals

Bodice: A2002

You can mix and match your daily outfits, so why not do the same on your wedding day? Find a bridal look for the aisle and one for the dance floor with our new Allure Bridals capsule bridal collection.


Bodice: A2003















Bodice: A2004



Customize Your Wedding Ensemble

The experienced and friendly staff at New York Bride & Groom is happy to help you assemble the wedding ensemble of your dreams. Try on a variety of options until you create your ideal look. You never need an appointment to shop with us so drop by anytime it’s convenient for you. Our bridal consultants will be here ready to assist you during all business hours. We look forward to seeing you soon.